About Us

The Foundation (Muthaberon Li Alkhair for Environment and Development) is an Iraqi non-governmental and non-profit organization that was established in 2017 in the form of a voluntary team through a youth group, registered in the Non-Governmental Organizations Department in the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers and registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports / Minister’s Office / Center The National Foundation for Voluntary Work, the Foundation cares about the needs of the Iraqi society and people and seeks to reach a stable and secure life

Since its establishment during the war to liberate Mosul, the Foundation has been keen on evacuating residents from conflict areas by providing relief support. The Foundation has contributed to projects to restore stability by providing a safe environment for stability, securing food, health and social support for the population, and empowering women and youth through small profit projects. Non-discrimination in providing its services without regard to religion, race or sect.
the message

Humanity is the safety valve that prevents the collapse of societies. The more life intensifies on one side, humanity finds on the other side to balance things. Therefore, each person must decide in which side he should be.


A society capable of self-recovery and oriented with a collective mind towards combating misleading ideas and negative behaviors by spreading a culture of solidarity and social responsibility


Community development is among its basic needs to advance the individual’s role in it, invest youth energies and contribute to creating a safe environment based on sustainable development.

  1. Removing the environmental obstacles to the return of the displaced to their areas of origin.
  2. Increasing green spaces, planting trees and combating desertification.
  3. Develop plans, studies and research in the environmental fields
  4. Cultural development of the community and work to implant the spirit of citizenship among the citizen in the community.
  5. Enhancing the role of youth and creating an influential leadership generation by involving them in voluntary humanitarian and cultural activities.
  6. Supporting women by creating safe spaces, psychological rehabilitation and economic protection by opening small projects for them.
  7. Opening economic projects for young people after training them in the professions of their choice.
  8. Supporting sustainable development projects in various sectors